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Your partner in digital transformation.

We build business apps.


We begin the process of creating innovative solutions by thoroughly understanding the idea behind your vision.

When creating a development strategy, we combine your business needs with innovative solutions, providing realistic concepts that are aligned with your goals.


User-centric solutions stand out due to their excellent intuitiveness and aesthetics.

Each interface is carefully designed to be efficient and pleasant to use regardless of the platform.


We employ the latest technologies and strategies to convert ideas into market-ready products.

The engineering professionals on our team guarantee promptness and adaptability in collaboration to meet the dynamic requirements of the market.


During the project implementation, our team provides full technical support and maintenance services, assuring continuous product reliability and timely updates.


We concentrate our efforts on preserving the value and efficacy of your solution.


Every solution is future-oriented. We provide adaptable expansion and evolution to guarantee your business thrives.

Our process

From concept to dynamic expansion. We combine creativity and technological precision to create the digital solutions of the future.


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MAN Transport

MAN Transport

Sun Festival

Sun Festival

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Jak Wydaje





Our services

Together we create the future

Active project development, partnership and transparency in action ensure our clients' success and a secure future.

Product Discovery

We chart strategic and innovative paths for your project, identifying needs and creating opportunities to turn your vision into a success.

Product Design

We craft application designs that consider the user first, fusing beauty with utility to forge user-friendly and engaging interfaces.

Mobile and Web applications

We design personalized applications that fuse your conceptual vision with functional efficiency, always with the end-user in mind.

Artificial Intelligence

We expertly combine your applications with ChatGPT to develop personalized solutions that align with your business objectives.

Our partners

What do customers say about working with us?

Logistics Journal

"Cooperation with CODEAGENCY is a very positive experience. The company has a professional approach to the commissioned project. Implementation of the app at a very high level: aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and clear."

Michal Koralewski

Media Logistics

Sunrise Festival

"I recommend the company CODEAGENCY! Cooperation with the company is seamless, they're masters of their craft! I 100% recommend them to any person who is looking for a company to create and operate an application!"

Marcin Granatowski

MDT Production

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