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solution development, to final implementation. Experience the difference of working with the best.

What's our process?

Behind every great project is a solid partnership. During the initial meeting, we don't just get to know each other, but more importantly, we immerse ourselves in your business to understand your goals, visions and values. We not only want to know what you need, but also why you need it, so we can deliver the best solutions for your business.

We don't want to jump into deep water without preparation. That's why we treat the Product Discovery phase as a key moment where we define the scope of the project. This is the stage of research, analysis and discussion where we carefully define the product functions, business goals and user expectations. This makes us confident that we are moving in the right direction.

After a thorough understanding of your project, we get down to specifics. We create a personalized proposal that includes the exact scope of work, timeline, cost estimate, and potential technologies and tools to be used. We give you full transparency so you can make an informed decision.

Now is the time to become part of our journey. We look forward to hearing from you and are ready to answer any questions you may have. We want you to feel confident in choosing us as a partner for your project.

We start the work with full commitment. Gathering the right resources, we launch a team dedicated to your project. Each member is thoroughly briefed on the goals and requirements of the project, ensuring focus and proper communication from the start.

The stage when your vision begins to take shape. Our experienced developers, designers and project managers work together to create a product that meets all your expectations. Regular meetings, reports and testing ensure that we are on the right track to success.

When we are sure that a product is perfect, it is ready to debut on the market. Before launching it, we thoroughly test every aspect to make sure it meets the highest quality and safety standards. But that's just the beginning - we monitor its performance, gathering feedback and analyzing data to ensure its long-term success.

Our cooperation does not end with the release of the product. We are by your side, offering technical support, updates and continuous product improvement. Our team is ready to help at any time, ensuring that your product is always up-to-date and adapted to current market needs.

Product Discovery

Creation is the art of discovery.

Based on years of experience and research, we lead the Product Discovery process to understand your goals, user needs and market opportunities. We help set direction and priorities for your product, ensuring that every investment delivers value.

Customer needs analysis

We listen and understand your needs, customizing solutions to meet individual project requirements.

Market and competition research

We analyze the market and competitors to find the gap and determine a unique value proposition.

Defining product objectives

Together, we define the goals and direction for your product, ensuring focus on key features.

Determination of priorities and roadmap

We chart a path for success, setting priorities and milestones for product development.

Product Design

We develop visions that inspire action.

Our designs combine aesthetics with functionality to create intuitive and stunning interfaces. The UI/UX design team focuses on the user's needs, ensuring that every page and element has meaning and purpose.

User interface design

We create attractive and functional interfaces that emphasize user experience.

Creating prototypes and wireframes

We visualize ideas to speed up the development process and get early feedback.

Usability tests

We make sure our designs are intuitive and meet user expectations.

Adaptation for various devices

We guarantee that the designs run smoothly on any screen and device.


Mobile Apps

Your vision at your fingertips.

We create mobile applications that impress with speed, performance and quality. With us, your users will be able to access your product wherever they are, on any device.

Web Apps

Your ideas on the global web.

We specialize in creating modern, responsive web applications that run smoothly on any device. Our solutions are scalable, secure and tailored to your needs.

React, Next.js
GraphQL, Redux

Desktop applications

Power and reliability on your desk.

We design and implement desktop applications that combine the full computing power of desktops with the intuitiveness of use.

Creating dedicated plug-ins for web browsers

We design and implement browser plug-ins that make using the Internet easier and more interesting by adding features tailored to users' specific needs.

Database solutions

Collection, processing, analysis. Your data is safe with us.

We offer advanced database solutions that provide fast access to data, its secure storage and analysis. We help organizations realize the full potential of their data.

Node.js, Python
PostgreSQL, SQL Server
MongoDB, Firestore, Redis
Heroku, AWS, GCP, Azure

Implementing AI

The future of technology is here and now.

Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, we create solutions that learn and adapt to users' needs, automating processes and providing valuable information.

Designing and implementing AI models into applications

We create and implement dedicated AI models for your applications, providing personalized solutions.

Business process optimization

We analyze and improve your company's processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Integration of AI solutions into existing applications

We integrate AI technologies with your current infrastructure, enabling modern features.

Advice on the opportunities and benefits of AI

We advise on how to best use the potential of AI in your business, pointing out specific benefits.

Product Takeover

Give us the reins and see your product grow.

Does your application need a refresh or a new direction? We are in the business of acquiring and developing existing products, adding value and driving innovation.

Audit of existing product

We carefully analyze the current state of your product, identifying areas for improvement.

Code optimization and refactoring

We improve the quality of the code, making it more efficient and understandable.

Introduction of new features

We add new features that increase the value of your product.

Ensuring business continuity

We monitor and take care of the ongoing performance of your product.


What our customers are saying
about working with us?

"Cooperation with CODEAGENCY is a very positive experience. The company has a professional approach to the commissioned project. Implementation of the app at a very high level: aesthetically pleasing, intuitive and clear."

Michal Koralewski

Media Logistics

"I recommend the company CODEAGENCY! Cooperation with the company is seamless, they're masters of their craft! I 100% recommend them to any person who is looking for a company to create and operate an application!"

Marcin Granatowski

Sunrise Festival


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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

We sign an NDA agreement at the client's request before or during cooperation.

Do I own the copyright to the application code?

Everything is regulated by the contract we sign at the beginning of cooperation. You own the intellectual property rights of the entire application for life.

Does the mobile app come with warranties?

All the applications we develop come with a one-year warranty, during which the development team ensures the stability of the entire infrastructure. After the 12-month period, the warranty can be extended.

How does our cooperative process begin?

We start each project by conducting a product workshop to get to know your vision - establishing your goals, needs and strategy. After the conversation, our team's experts analyze the collected information to propose the best solutions for your business and future app users.

Do you delegate work to third parties?

We do not delegate work or pass on any information regarding your project to other companies. All applications are done by our team from A to Z.

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