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Ours began in 2016 when we developed the mobile app. Its debut was a success. The app ranked No. 1 on the list of the best and most valuable apps in the Education category according to the Google Play store ranking, exceeding the threshold of 100,000 downloads. To this day, it continues to serve students, parents and teachers around the world today. We put everything on the line then. The person became the goal, what they wanted and needed, so that their lifestyle would give them comfort in life and allow them to pursue their passions. Since 2018, we have been accompanying one of the largest festival organizers in Europe, for whom we develop mobile solutions. The app we created for them also topped the charts in the Entertainment category of the App Store. An infinity of solutions – and one slogan: SUCCESS. The key is to be able to really listen, understand needs, to continuously develop and to be fully engaged. This allows us to refine the products we create down to the smallest details, and thus effectively achieve our goals.

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