Genius is an educational app that makes it easy to compose healthy dishes with a low glycemic index, manage your diet and monitor nutritional values.




A guide to healthy eating

ŁGeniusz is an educational tool for composing dishes with a low index and glycemic load. The application, which is a diet calculator, allows you to manage selected foods, save recipes with photos and descriptions, and dictate shopping lists, contributing to conscious diet and health management.


Managing low GI in your daily diet

Creating an app that not only helps educate about the glycemic index and glycemic load, but also enables practical diet management, especially for people with glycemic disorders and insulin resistance. It was necessary to provide functionality for easy calculation of nutritional and glycemic parameters, both for individual products and composed dishes.


Your tool for healthy eating

ŁGeniusz combines the functions of a diet calculator with the educational aspect of diet management. Users can easily calculate the glycemic index and glycemic load, calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and dietary fiber for their foods and products. With options to save recipes with descriptions and photographs, ŁGeniusz becomes an invaluable tool for people with a variety of dietary needs. The app also offers monthly and yearly subscriptions, giving access to additional features such as carbohydrate and protein-fat exchanger values, making it ideal for those looking to eat healthily and control their diets.

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