is an app that makes it easy to manage your schedule, grades and events, offering automatic synchronization and PUSH notifications.



A new dimension of school organization is an application designed for students, teachers, parents and school supervisors. It allows easy downloading and synchronization of the timetable from schools' websites, providing up-to-date information about lessons, substitutions and schedule changes, which significantly improves the organization of the school day.


Simplify access to lesson plans and substitutions

The challenge was to create an application that would facilitate the management of school information, access to up-to-date timetables, substitutions and school announcements, minimizing the need for manual data entry, while maintaining user security and privacy.


Effective management of the school day offers features such as automatic timetable synchronization, change notifications, grade management and events, making it an invaluable tool for the school community. Allowing the management of multiple classes and providing access to important information without personal information, the application significantly facilitates daily organization and communication at school.

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