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The Logistics Magazine mobile app provides online and offline access to the contents of the physical magazine, offering flexibility in acquiring knowledge.


Logistics Journal


Magazine Logistics Lukasiewicz

The journal Logistyka, published by Lukasiewicz - Poznan Institute of Technology, is a unique combination of science and practice for leaders in the logistics industry. Containing practical solutions, innovative implementations and current trends, the magazine is becoming an invaluable source of knowledge and inspiration for managers and entrepreneurs.


Digital transformation of access to expertise

The challenge was to create a digital platform that opens up access to deep logistics knowledge for busy professionals, allowing them the flexibility to consume content both online and offline.


Logistics magazine on your smartphone

Lukasiewicz's Logistics Magazine mobile app is an innovative solution that takes logistics expertise to a new level of accessibility. Users can browse free articles or purchase a premium subscription, gaining full access to content. In addition, the ability to read magazines offline after downloading in advance makes it an ideal tool for managers and entrepreneurs who need knowledge at their fingertips.

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