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We create mobile applications tailored to your business plan and development strategy so that you can effectively achieve your company’s goals. We help at every stage of mobile app development – from user interface design, to building functionality, to publishing in Google Play and App Store.

Whether you have an idea for a mobile app, want to expand an existing project or expand your development team, we can help you achieve your goal. We provide well-thought-out apps created for a mobile device that are most importantly user experience driven.

Stages of the mobile application development process

Product workshops

We start mobile application development with a desktop or online meeting with the client, where we discuss the product vision, end-user needs, concept and business model of the project. We conceptualize the app idea, determine the functionalities and target groups of mobile apps in order to develop User Stories with the budget provided. These indicate the initial shape of the minimum viable product, as well as help us determine the right development platform. Once we are sure that the requirements of all parties have been met and the documentation is complete we proceed to UX and UI design.

UX and UI design

The term “UX” stands for “User Experience”, which is a crucial process before software development. Building mobile apps requires time and money, and working on UX early-on lets us take advantage in both cutting costs and accelerating our work flow. Therefore on the basis of User Stories, our team, based on its expertise and experience, creates the “skeleton” of the mobile app’s UX design, which represents all elements of the interface and interactions between device features. It is usually made in shades of gray so that the visual elements do not distract from the overall assessment of functionality. Then, taking into account the latest trends and visual values of your company’s brand, a UI design, or target user interface, is developed. Then, utilizng modern development tools, we present you with a clickable prototype of the mobile app.

User interface design

Mobile application development

This process of the development of apps consists of creating a back end (if necessary) and a front end. The back end is a part of mobile application programming that includes the database and dependecies resulting from the project’s objectives, invisible to the end user. We create it in NodeJS. On the other hand, the front end is defined as mobile app development process that the user sees and interacts with. Using APIs, it displays and manages data from the backend services. In mobile applications, the front end is created in React Native, which is a powerful framework for software development. This tool allows building a mobile app for every most popular operating system. Its users praise it for its cost-efficency and focus on user experience from mobile development point of view.

Source code excerpt

Testing and implementation

Test scenarios are created for each functionality, which are then tested at each stage of mobile application development. The goal is to be convinced that the functionality works properly on dedicated devices. Problems that arise during testing are resolved on an ongoing basis. At this stage, the application is running in a transitional environment accessible only to the development team. Testing is a repetitive process that we carry out after the release of every new revision of the app. After final verification, the application is made available in a production environment.

Implementation and maintenance

A dedicated team is responsible for the process of deploying the mobile application to the Google Play store and App Stores, as well as resolving any issues that arise during the publication process. Cross platform native mobile applications provide an advantage as they are user friendly and allow usage on various operating systems, as well as reach a wider target audience. By monitoring the applications on multiple platforms, we make any necessary corrections and implement changes to ensure that the application works effectively. We are at your service through a dedicated support panel.

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